I help people just like you
create wildly successful professional personas, improve their profits, realize their true value and move from where they were to where they want to be.


I can help you raise your grade, too.


The Business Class consulting strategy has three main parts.

First, I work with you to determine what success looks like to you on the other side. What are your goals? What do you hope to accomplish from a focused group or one-to-one program?

Next, I help you identify the roadblocks keeping you or your team from reaching that success. Do you need to connect better with clients or in interviews?

Finally, once we've identified the source of issues and where you would like to be, we work together to move beyond the roadblocks.



  • A cost-effective way to bring Susan to your company
  • Your employees will be able to interact in real time
  • Includes workbook and action items
  • Live and recorded replay options



  • If you would like to feel more comfortable and conversational at work and socially...
  • If you would like to polish your manners for receptions, dinners and special events...
  • If you have not fully developed a specific social skill...
  • If workplace relationships could be more cohesive...
  • If you're getting the interviews but not the jobs...
  • If you want to be more confident and charismatic...
  • If you're preparing an important presentation...


Get your professional life on track, or get the confirmation you need to have the confidence you’re doing things right. A small investment can save you thousands by delivering:

  • Focus – I can usually pinpoint a few critical problem areas by listening, probing, and helping you think through a strategy. I want to get down to business so you can have some realistic, actionable insights and answers.
  • Discreet, private conversations – Do you have a dilemma and need somebody other than friends, family members or a co-worker to hear you out? This is a judgement-free zone!
  • Strategic ideas for YOUR plan of action – I’m known for generating low-risk, highly actionable ideas, plans and solutions.  I know what it’s like to desire fast, high yield results. Let’s come up with ways to achieve quick, sustainable wins.


just a few INDIVIDUAL coaching & consultation times are available each month.

Here’s a unique opportunity for accelerated learning and actionable guidance that will feel like you've put jumper cables on your professional life.  Investing in a one-hour consultation can save you thousands in wasted hours and effort. Here is what a few clients have to say:

“Words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am. I have used many of the tidbits you gave me on a daily basis since then. I am also very proud to report that tonight, I attended a networking event, and I didn’t get the slightest bit awkward or creepy or sweaty, haha! I even introduced myself to total strangers, who ended up being very open and friendly–to the point that we swapped business cards! You are a gift from heaven, I swear. “
Brynne - National Talk Show Producer
“I practice everywhere, and I’m so much more confident..”
Kushagra - Graduate Student
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me to become a better leader. I never thought I could be seen as a person with charisma... Implementing what I’ve learned has already resulted in better results for me and the department. Thank you once again. 
- Physician/Professor - Harvard Medical School