It's Time To Stand-Out and Be At Ease 

Social skills quickly make others comfortable, and professionals who appear to be naturally charismatic and confident in most any situation have often taken advantage of specialized training to master the skills they use to connect so powerfully with others. 

That's so vital to success. Being the person others look toward for guidance and direction. 

Building relationships, sparking instant rapport, communicating with tact, and making a memorable impression are nothing more than a collection of techniques that you too can learn and cultivate.



Business & College Programs

Social Success Masterclass

This half-day workshop will guide participants in how to make a positive first and lasting impression. It will equip you with essential etiquette knowledge to polish your image and acquire more confidence from meeting rooms to dining rooms. Topics include creating your personal brand, first impressions, non-verbal communication, making powerful presentations, how to work a room and connect socially,  networking for the digital age, and a table manners tutorial. 

Professional Presence for Women

Women in the middle - You already show up and now it's time to stand out.

Professional presence helps you move the needle from where you are now to where you want to be.

Do people listen to you? Do you have influence? Why is it that some people get all the attention and credit while others do all the work? Are you being taken seriously?

Ideal for conference breakouts and affinity groups, attendees will learn practical, easy to implement guidance on how to ensure professional presence is a component of their daily package, how to ensure they're noticed and heard, and how to gain credibility and respect by practicing a few simple skills to increase their impact in the workplace.

  • Five essential steps to increase your professional presence
  • Tips to communicate with poise and confidence and speak so others will listen
  • How to expand your reach and carry weight within your team or organization
  • What’s getting in your way and how to blow past any perceived limitations
  • How to stand out and get noticed with assertiveness and non-verbally add weight to your message
  • The key phrases to avoid that others use to their detriment
  • How to increase your credibility, add the polish needed to rise to partner…and more!


A two-hour program focused on skills to prepare your attendees for specific events and challenges. This course teaches the essential facets of confident and courteous behavior – encouraging new skills and to guarantee success and self-assurance both professionally and personally. 

  • Workplace Courtesies
  • Becoming the perfect host or guest
  • Meeting manners and public speaking
  • The art and science of networking
  • Business and social dining workshop
  • Business etiquette for women and gentlemen


Academy for Post College Preparedness

The transition from full-time student to full-time employee is not without its difficulties. Business Class works with career services, teaching students the interview, internship and office etiquette realities of the modern workplace. Far too many eager and capable emerging professionals fail miserably when it comes to understanding office etiquette and the unspoken rules.

  • Digging your well before you're thirsty
  • Creating a positive, professional image
  • Interviews over meals
  • Standing apart in group interviews
  • Top tips for the first days on the job
  • Benefiting from emotional intelligence
  • How to enhance your personal brand strategy and reputation

online training

testimonial indian woman.jpg

"During my first few days in the Introvert To Influencer course, I accepted the challenge, stepped way outside my normal comfort zone and felt supported all the way. I've even had my application accepted to run a workshop at an industry conference. I have gone from feeling like a fish out of water to looking forward to meeting clients and networking...It's completely changed my professional life!

 Bhavya, CPA


Our Flagship Infinite Influence Course Reveals

How to GO FROM INTROVERT TO INFLUENCER - Without Feeling Like An Imposter

The Secrets to Becoming Influential and Having Charisma on Command...

  •  Reevaluate the Impression You Make
  •  Convey Confidence, Connection and Self-Assurance
  •  Communicate in a Compelling Manner
  •  Be More Likable
  •  Control  How You're Perceived
  •  Secrets to Improving Relationships
  •  Eliminate Social Hangovers
  •  Avoid Being Misunderstood
  •  Network Like a Rock Star


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