Social Skills

71% of U.S. based companies rate social or "people" skills, like conversation, charisma, communication, and likability as the most desired personal traits. They help you stand out.


20-percent of American adults experience anxiety. That is not a disorder - it is a trend. Mindfulness, confidence, and introspection are essential skills to pack in your toolkit. 

Relationship Management

High Performers understand that positive feelings motivate others and build trust, The ability to inspire, influence, and draw out the best in people creates amicable relationships.

"My application for the fellowship for visiting doctoral students at Stanford was successful! Thanks again for your great coaching... "

Munich, Germany

"I have always been somewhat "reserved", and didn't realize it was a problem professionally until it was brought to my attention...and I've had my practice for 20-years. Implementing what I’ve learned has already resulted in better outcomes for me, my support staff, and the department. Thank you once again. "

Harvard Medical School

"I am so thankful for your help and encouragement... That made all the difference in the world... I appreciate your generosity and kindness more than you know!"

Composer - Lexington, KY

"The meetings were great and helpful. I learned a lot and improved my ability to converse normally. I was able to get a great job with your help, and I'm very thankful for that."

Connor M.
Retail Manager

"We spoke for less than one hour and from that time she has totally transformed my life. I think you are truly amazing. "

The kick-ass, results-focused coaching strategy has three main components.
First, I work with you to determine what success looks like to you on the other side. 
What are your goals?  What do you hope to accomplish?
Next, I help you identify the roadblocks  keeping you from reaching that result. 
How do you visualize the modified you?
Finally, once we've identified where you would like to be, we work together to move beyond the blind spots and the mental roadblocks that keep you playing small.
You have the degrees, the skills, the experience, and the credentials...


And your brain is in survival mode, searching for danger ALL. THE. TIME. 

You have noticed this before a meeting, interview, or walking into an event. 

Your brain triggers anxiety in situations that are NOT life or death. 

When we don’t know WHY this is happening, we spin in self judgement.


It is in your ability to communicate with clarity, confidence, and credibility.
You too can cause people to stop, listen, and admire your STUNNING PRESENCE and marvel at how you manage to rock every room you enter.

Don't wait for people to involve you — involve yourself

You may be waiting for an invitation that's not going to come.
You feel like you have to prod yourself to speak up in meetings and connect with colleagues at networking socials. 
The time comes when you tire of being too quiet for your colleague's comfort, uncomfortable socially, or at a loss for words when all eyes are on you...

...I was that person. 

I did something about it.
I'll teach you how, too.
Junior and senior level career-track professionals and business owners hire me when they're looking for a way to up their game in the areas of executive presence and workplace confidence.
and shy, introverted, and sometimes self-conscious or reserved adults who finally want to overcome challenges with social skills, step in from the sidelines, and take a giant step toward the spotlight receive tremendous value from my approach.
I will help you move past limiting beliefs, enjoy deeper interpersonal relationships, and create an incredibly confident professional persona.


 You're in the right place if...
  • you want to be more comfortable and conversational at work and socially...
  • you want to be more at ease at networking receptions, client entertaining, and special events...
  • you've given up on yourself...
  • workplace relationships could be more cohesive...
  • you get the interviews but not the offers...
  • you want to be more confident and charismatic...
  • you avoid people even when you know them well or need help...
  • you avoid public speaking, presenting, and calling attention to yourself...
Polishing your people skills, being socially smooth, and getting over introversion, shyness, and self-consciousness will allow you to finally experience more cohesive and synergistic relationships, more business, higher income, and more respect and likability. 
The full investment for 1:1 coaching is $5,000 for 6 months.
Are you ready to go all-in and finally take control of your results? 

You. Can. Do. Hard. Things!

I've been where you are. I know firsthand how difficult and challenging it can be to call attention to yourself, to speak up, or just be seen as involved and outgoing. IF YOU WANT TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE, THE FIRST STEP IS EASY — LET’S TALK!