Resources to Help You Stay Focused and Develop a Mindset for Continuous Development, Growth & Success

If you see a link on this page, it’s because we've used and loved the book or program. Some are affiliate links. All are fabulous.

By Steven Pressfield
By Vanessa Van Edwards
By Tom "Big Al" Schreiter
By Susan Cain
By Dale Carnegie
By Angela Duckworth
By Robert B. Cialdini
By Harvey B Mackay
By Michael Port
By Charles Duhigg
By Judy Robinett

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No matter where you are in your professional excellence journey, there are additional, amazing books and tools that can supplement our courses and content, speed-up progress in achieving your goals and save you thousands of dollars in private coaching.

Please understand that I and my practice have personally benefited from using these resources, and they're recommend because they are helpful and useful.They provide primarily quick, general guidance, and further encourage you to do the work necessary to create a path to greater presence, enhanced self-presentation and prosperity in your profession. 

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