Chief Confidence Officer


You can't teach what you don't know, and you can't lead where you won't go.

my story

When people ask what I do at Business Class, I tell them "I help professionals raise their social grade and rock their reputations by increasing confidence, building relationships and adding a whole lot of credibility to their professional personas.”

I’m Susan Callender — and as you’ve probably guessed, teaching professionals how to stand out in business is my sweet spot.

People come to me when they’re lacking confidence when they're not sure what's considered situationally appropriate in business when their words or actions are misunderstood, and when they're just plain exhausted from constantly trying to make a great impression (I make it effortless). 

Together, we create new strategies that feel natural and totally pleasurable when they're with colleagues and clients, and whether they're in an interview, a meeting room or dining room. Strategies that lead to buzz when they arrive, excitement, and success —tons of positive connections and a satisfying professional life.

I have a seriously long background in high-end hospitality, etiquette training, and professional presence consulting. I’ve worked with multinational corporations, small brands, and everything in between. I have a unique perspective on what it takes to stand-out in business-social arenas, receive the attention and accolades you're due, and build excitement and buy-in for what you bring to an organization.

I've been successfully running businesses for decades. I’m not a newbie who just popped up yesterday. I’ve employed hundreds and have been around the block, many times. 

When I’m not facilitating workshops, speaking and consulting, I coach a select handful of private, professional clients and I make time to enrich the lives of children. 

That’s the scoop on my professional life.


Curious To Know More?

… or just looking for something to read to kill time in-between meetings? Here are 5 fun facts…

1. I've been referred to as the Olivia Pope of Professional Presence.

2.You can catch my global protocol segments on CNN's Airport Network in 48 airports nationwide. I've also been featured on CBS Radio, and in Glamour, Redbook, AMEX Open, Forbes, and several more.

3. In college, I shared a summer apartment with a fugitive from the FBI who had committed a major, national news type crime and was living under a pseudonym in this quaint, New England town. Not long after the fugitive disappeared into the night, FBI agents showed up asking A LOT of questions.

4. Inspired by The Godfather, I studied Italian to reasonable fluency -- and I've traveled to Corleone, Palermo, Sicily, and Naples. It's intense!

5. I go through virtuous spurts of trying to live without gluten, sugar and dairy… then I realize I’ve got no time for this craziness. Then I do it again.